Milford Little League

P.O. Box 404

Milford, DE 19963

2019 Board of Directors

President                       Jason Webb

Vice President               Ashlyn Sammons

V.P. of Baseball             Adam Sammons

V.P. of Softball              Tracy Jarman 

Player Agent:                Ben Humes

                                      Neal Richards

Umpiring Chief:             Duane Fox

Treasurer:                     Michelle Eisenbrey

Secretary:                     Jen Farissier

Fundraising Chair:        Lance Skinner

Information Officer:     Scott Petty  302-381-4732

Safety Officer:              Justin Brown

Equipment Manager:   Scott Willey & Lenny Leyanna

Uniform Manager:        Scott Willey & Lenny Leyanna

Concessions Director:  Muriel Gillespie

VP of T-Ball:                 Ashlyn Sammons

VP of Pitching Mach:    Paula Yeich

VP Minor Boys:             Chris Short

VP Major Boys:             Scott Hudson

VP of JR/SR Boys:        Ilianny Felix Abad

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1Click on each form and down load the form to your computer

2.  Down load the (editable form) form and complete, save the completed form to your computer

3.  Send the completed forms to

4.  Go to the Tab above (MILL STORE) and pay online.  If you choose to pay in person please bring the completed form at that time

5.  Once the forms are received and conformation that payment is accepted an email will be sent that registration is completed.  If there are any problems an email will be sent and possibly a phone call requesting addition information